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Osteria dei Vagabondi Logo
We are sure our friends recall how the adventure of the Osteria dei Vagabondi was born 10 years ago and the reason why, they spent so many nights with us in Sauze d’Oulx, listening live music: our main ingredient! But for the youngest and for those who just met us, here a bit of history of the pub which is and has always been the rhythm of the night of Sauze d’Oulx.

Osteria dei Vagabondi was born in 2000 to inherit the fame of the Osteria da Gigi, a pub very well known all over the higher Susa Valley. The owner of the historical Osteria, Gigi Bischi, the Autumn 2000, contacted Renato and offered him the chance to realize his dream: have a pub on his own! Other two boys working in Sauze since many years have been involved in the project: Damian and Simon, from New Zealand. The three of them, after few months of hard work, finally opened the Osteria dei Vagabondi on December 13th of the New Millennium. Soon after, Rossella joined the three boys and the team was completed.

Since the beginning the Osteria is one of the Italian pub offering the largest amount of nights playing live music: every night from December to the end of April; Friday and Saturday from June to September and every night of August. Every year there are more then 150 live events showing on its stage the best bands and musicians playing in Italy and, since they are aware that in Sauze d’Oulx, a village crowded with British skiers, the English music must be the star, some evenings are organized with live bans from the UK.

Years go by, the music and the fashion change but the Ostaria is always the same!

Every winter something new is organized to welcome the regular customers but never forgetting the original project: live music as the main ingredient to offer its friends: the local people, the loyal British and the foreigners from all over the world arrived after 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

Here we are: the winter season 2010-2011 has arrived! Another magic winter to spend together with the best music and a drink in the hand…